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Rhonda Kitabjian on 1onOne Show

Author Rhonda Kitabjian

Rhonda grew up in a small town 30 minutes outside of Boston. She asked Jesus into her heart when she was just 12 years old, but it wasn’t until her early 20’s that her relationship with the Lord grew more personal. Her heart ached for those who have never had a personal relationship with Jesus. When she graduated from college, she immediately went to work in the city, beginning her career as a researcher for one of Massachusetts top biotechnology companies. It was here that she truly began to see how much people needed Jesus and how she could use her voice to help others know that without Him, their lives are empty, but with Him, their lives can be full of everlasting Love.

Fast forward to today. Rhonda has accumulated over 20 years’ experience in the business world. She has launched and led countless women’s events, bible studies and mom-to-mom groups and set hundreds of lives free by simply inviting colleagues, friends and strangers to ask Jesus into their heart. This book, Jesus at Work: Simple Steps to Share Your Faith, is the product that manifested from God audibly speaking to her heart, revealing to her that this book needed to be written for the Glory of His Kingdom. In 12 short weeks, with the Holy Spirit leading her, she completed the book with immeasurable joy in her heart.

Rhonda’s newest venture takes form in her recently launched business, Royal Business Consulting, where she will work with leaders to inspire them to reach their true potential. She has applied her unique process throughout her life with incredible success. All glory goes to the Lord for His constant guidance and love in directing her steps day by day.

Jesus at Work

Rhonda Kitabjian on 1onOne Show

On this show Rhonda shares spiritual insight and guidance into sharing the love and nature of Christ by understanding what the finished work of Jesus has accomplished in your life..


Royal Business Consulting

Rhonda is the President of Royal Business Consulting, a Boutique - Christ Centered Consulting Firm that inspires professionals and organizations to unleash their fullest potential.


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